Who are we?

Behind each member of our community there is a powerful story. Every Global Shaper represents the hopes and aspirations of a young person who is voluntarily investing his/her time to help solve some of the world’s most complex challenges.

Brussels Shapers 
David Timis
David Timis is a EU Civics Outreach Fellow at Google and the Co-Founder of European Heroes, an initiative aimed at encouraging civic engagement among young Europeans. David was named “Young Leader of the Year” in Romania by Revista Cariere and included on the Forbes “30 Under 30” list, as a result of his continuous work to promote education, digital skills, and entrepreneurship among young people.

Marios Papanikolopoulos
Marios is the Managing Director of MoRo.tech and serial entrepreneur in the area of Mobility and Digital Technologies. He has founded and contributed to for-profit and social impact organizations in a range of domains aiming to bring technology innovation together with political thinking and social initiatives.

Silvia Ainio
Silvia is a Policy Officer at the European Commission, working on mobilizing financial sector actors from emerging markets on the fight against climate change. She is passionate about public innovation strategies, an avid climate awareness advocate and incoming Vice-Curator of the Global Shapers Brussels Hub
Oana Popescu
Oana is a Community Manager of EASME. She spent the last 7+ years working in strategic communication and marketing in private sector, government and non-profit jobs, running pan-European and Brussels based campaigns in the tech-startup and environment world.
Sabina Ciofu
Sabina works as Policy Advisor in the European Parliament, focusing on tech-related legislation, trade and EU-US relations. She is also a PhD Candidate in Defence Studies at King’s College London, where she explores the relationship between A.I. and foreign policy decision-making. Sabina is the founder of the Gentlewomen’s Club, co-organiser of the Young Professionals in Digital Policy.
Stephan den Hartog
PhD Candidate at the SURF Group at Vrije Universiteit Brussel in the field of electrochemistry,investigating the intermediate reaction products of fuel cells. A naturally curious person who enjoysworking between different fields in science and technology!
Thomas Richter
Thomas works as Senior Advisor for IDA Group with a focus on environmental, technology and trade policy. He also directly represents the German special chemicals company LANXESS as EU Public Policy Manager in Brussels. He is also Chairman of the Brussels branch of the Junger Wirtschaftsrat and Development Officer at Young Professionals in Foreign Policy.
Otilia Ciobanu
Otilia works at the European Union as a political assistant
Federica Margheri
Federica is Operations Officer the EHMA. Passionate about education, she is also President of Project 668, a NGO helping young people bridging the gap between education and the world of work, and thus fighting against youth unemployment.
Nadine Khouzam
Nadine is an Olympian from the Belgian Hockey Team, a Partner Analytics Manager at Facebook Connectivity and the founder of CodeNPlay teaching kids computational thinking and programmation.
Antonella Vagliente
Antonella is cofounder and Director of Young Water Solutions, a NGO based in Brussels that supports young people in developing countries set up water and sanitation social businesses
Sandra Logani
Sandra Logani is a Project Implementation Manager, working in the field of international Development and Cooperation. She has 5 years of experience with the United Nations and European consulting companies in Tunisia and Belgium. She has worked in partnerships with the World Bank, UNDP, UNICEF, Tunisian National Ministries, European commission, US aid and the US Department of State.
Martin Nera

Martin Nera is a platform builder linking people, knowledge and value(s) together. He joined the hub aiming to create connections and empower individuals to build collective projects improving the well-being of the citizens of our beautiful city of Brussels. Inclusiveness, a horizontal governance and a realistic ambition are key components of his conception of leadership and project success.

Arjan Keijser

Arjan works for the Belgian Red Cross, where he runs an internal start-up focussed on accelerating the spread of First Aid knowledge in Sub-Saharan Africa. Outside of work, Arjan is passionate about politics, the arts and continuous education. 

Pelumi Fadare
    Pelumi Fadare is a young professional at the Spanish Embassy in Belgium. 
    She is an active member of different organizations, including Global Changers at Global Solutions Initiative, and ASHOKA. Currently, she is the co-founder of a social enterprise Applicaid and has a YouTube channel, Ninjanspiration, devoted to providing youths with educational funded opportunities.

    Ugurcan Hekim
    Ugur works as an international trade lawyer at Van Bael & Bellis. Ugur advises and represents governments and companies in trade defense cases and in disputes before the WTO. As a Global Shaper, he has been involved in projects related to entrepreneurship, leadership, pro bono and social tech. 
    Sandra Cánovas Alonso
    Sandra is a Master student at KU Leuven, currently coursing Social and Cultural Anthropology. She recently graduated from Leiden University with a BSc in Psychology. While highly interested in diversity and inclusion, she is also passionate about creative writing, photography, and music as communication tools.
    Maria Tinoco
    Maria is a passionate Venezuelan who wants to make an impact in the healthcare sector. She has a deep interest in policy making & technology, and works at Johnson & Johnson in the EMEA department of Data & Analytics.
    Aliyyah Ahad

    Aliyyah is an Associate Policy Analyst at the Migration Policy Institute Europe, where her research focuses on European migration and integration policy. She previously worked for the Government of Bermuda before studying at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar.

    Cyrina Grimonprez

    Cyrina works as Strategy Consultant for Deloitte, focusing on strategic, innovation and transformation projects for the public sector. She is passionate about education and is involved in a local NGO providing classes on philosophy, literature, psychology and sustainability.

    Jan Van de Vyver

    Jan is Account Manager at Cisco Systems, demonstrating his passion for technology as a computer science engineer. Ask him about motorcycles, music, and anything else of interest to a serial hobbyist.

    Celia Abchiche

    Celia is currently an HR Business Partner within a manufacturing multinational industry; concerned about the world's issues, cultural diversity and equal value. Passionate about Volunteering work and bringing impact and value within communities.

    Sophie Karagianni

    Sophie is a financial policy lawyer specialized in sustainable finance currently working for K&L Gates Law Firm in Brussels. Her passion lies in the economic empowerment of women and in this respect she leads two women's empowerment initiatives in Greece, Knit2Lead and the 50/50 project. She is a Humanity in Action Fellow and one of the youngest attendees of the 58th United Nations CEDAW Committee Session in Geneva. 

    Besides all, we are a big group of friends!