What we do?

Projects have not happened by chance. All of them are the result of committed Global Shapers working daily for the past years to develop the Global Shapers Community as we know it today. 
Do you want to help to reduce the amount of traffic in Brussels and improve the air quality? Let's get everyone to bike to work once a week! This project promotes cycling through social media challenges, coaching sessions for new cyclists and checkpoints. Join us and get on your bike on Tuesday!


BodyTalks is a project meant to raise awareness of the various ways in which body image links with mental health.  We aim at shedding light on how little it takes to make a dent into someone’s self-confidence. It will hopefully make all of us that little bit more aware and that little bit kinder to each other.

We collect and illustrate anonymous stories, to ultimately publish a collection to share with those who need to see it the most. To do that, we need your help! Share your story with us, and we’ll make sure it reaches someone who benefits from it.
This project is part of the worldwide Shaping the Future of Work initiative aimed at collecting the opinion of young people concerning the future of work, and sharing the insights with the public, private and educational sector.

The results of the report have been disseminated in our first event in February 2020, which triggered new topics to be discussed in regular webinars and events. Stay tuned! 

Vert Ma Vie 
Vert Ma Vie, or "Green my life," is a project inviting people to switch to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Interactive workshops are hosted to introduce the environmental impacts of our daily lives, and offer practical tips on switching to greener, ethical alternatives. 
Brussels Inside Out
This project consists of a podcast series in which we go one on one with exciting speakers to dig into some of the most important issues affecting Brussels residents, and the people living in Belgium more broadly. Check our episodes here!  
Past projects
In case you missed these projects, you still have the chance to take a look at them! 
An initiative of the Global Shapers Brussels to drive out the youth vote in the 2019 European Parliament Elections. 

Partner for the European Elections 2019.