We are looking for 
Global Shapers!
Application period 20 August - 30 August 2020

Call for Applications!

Come join the Global Shapers Brussels Hub and be part of a community of young people who are exceptional in their potential and who desire to make a positive contribution to their communities. 

Why you should apply:  

  1. You are a highly driven and self motivated individual with the desire to create impact in Brussels, Europe and all over the world.

  2. You are between 18 and 27 years old and highly committed to developing your leadership potential towards serving society.

  3. You want to meet and work with dynamic young people from across sectors, and be part of the Global Shapers Community.


What to expect if you become a Global Shaper in the Brussels Hub?​
Here is a quick guide through the application process and what comes next:
Applications are collected twice a year: once during the summer and once in spring.  After the deadline, the Selection Committee will evaluate the applications received and shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview. We'd rather to conduct the interview in person, but of course we understand you may be on holiday, so we are flexible! After the interviewing process, you may officially join the Global Shapers Community. If you are wondering how the applicants are selected, please be aware that we are committed to building a diverse Hub. What does it mean? That we want to have people with different backgrounds, knowledge, interests, because we want to learn from each other!

So let's imagine that you are now a Global Shaper... you will be able to propose projects and initiatives that are dear to you. Alternatively,  you can join or support ongoing ones. As the hub is composed of very diverse people, our project are quite varied. Some examples: we organised the Brussels Happiness Project aimed at making Brussels a happier community through workshops, events and trainings. We put together "Burst your bubble", a series of meetings to connect different people on different topics. We are running "TwoWheelsTuesday" aimed at encouraging people to go to work by bike, thus reducing the environmental impact of commuting.

As a Global Shaper you will be asked to:
  • attend our monthly meetings (2 hours per month);
  • dedicate up to 3 hours per week for activities linked to the Global Shapers;
  • potentially devote additional time should you be involved in a specific project.

    Should you have additional questions, please email us at globalshapersbrussels@gmail.com